The Character Coin

The Character Coin






The IAAM strongly believes that there is more to the game than just winning.  There is more to learn, more to experience and more to enjoy when winning is not the sole focus in high school athletics. Since our inception, in 1999, the IAAM has embraced the highest ideals of fair play, integrity and respect. In an effort to put our beliefs into action, The IAAM has launched, in the Fall of 2016, The Character Coin.

St. Timothy’s athletic director, Kara Carlin has been the driving force for bringing the idea of the Character Coin to a reality. “Basically I brought the idea up to the AD's in the IAAM back in January after attending the NIAAA AD Conference in Orlando,” said Carlin. I attended a management course entitled, "Community Centered Educational Athletics- A Character Based Approach to Identifying and Unifying the Whole Team". One of the AD's in the room spoke about recognizing an athlete for having character and embrace fair play and integrity while competing. It struck a nerve with me and I was immediately inspired. I looked at Greg Whitley, the Friends School AD who was sitting next to me in the course and said "We are doing this!" He smiled and agreed that it sounded like a great initiative. So I ran with it and introduced it to the AD's in the IAAM in January 2016 for a launch this fall.”

At the beginning of each season, each Varsity Head Coach will receive two IAAM Character Coins. The coach will have the opportunity to present a Character Coin to two opponents during the season, who display significant elements of fair play, integrity and respect. The Coach wishing to present a Character Coin to an opposing varsity player will inform the opponent’s Head Coach of this request, at the conclusion of the contest. The opposing coach and the player will step forward as the “presenting” coach makes the presentation to the recipient of the Character Coin.

“Sue (Thompson, IAAM Commissioner) was pivotal in bringing this initiative to fruition and I am so grateful for how she embraces it as well! The “Character Coin” is meant to honor athletes for exceptional character and withholding the mission of the IAAM, which is: “The diverse member schools of the IAAM share a common commitment to athletics as an extension to the educational process. Participation in healthy athletic competition provides our female students opportunities to build character, acquire and improve skills, demonstrate leadership, and have fun. The league, its member schools, and participants embrace fair play, integrity, and respectful behavior as integral components of the spirit of the game.”