IAAM and LifeBridge Health join forces

IAAM and LifeBridge Health join forces

IAAM and LifeBridge Health join forces
Injury prevention and strength training key components of partnership

By Nelson Coffin

The main thrust of the IAAM’s brand-new partnership with LifeBridge Health Sports Medicine Institue (LBHSMI) is to prevent young athletes from sustaining injuries through a wide variety of prevention protocols while taking advantage of all that the regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore and its surrounding counties has to offer.

That said, when push comes to shove on the playing field or court results in an injury, LifeBridge Health Sports Medicine Institute is at the ready to help with the curative and rehabilitative processes as well.

All in all, the holistic approach being taken by LBHSMI makes athletes from IAAM’s 31 schools a top priority.

And that’s just one of the reasons why the new collaboration promises such a bright future.

“The IAAM is extremely happy and energized with our new partnership with LifeBridge Health,” said Sue Thompson, IAAM Executive Director.

Thompson added that are so many ways that the partnership will work for both entities.

“The possibilities are endless surrounding education, collaboration and supporting health and wellness of our athletes,” she said. “We will be sharing more about upcoming trainings and in-services offered by LifeBridge Health Sports Medicine Institute, as well as ongoing website articles and learning modules that touch on injury prevention, strength training and integration with our coaches for maximum athletic performance. This is a great opportunity for the IAAM community and we are thankful to LifeBridge for seeing the possibilities and making the connection.”

Just how that connection came about goes back to Gary Stein, who does outreach work for LifeBridge Sports Medicine Institute.

Stein got the ball rolling after contacting John Carroll School athletic director Larry Dukes, who, in turn, shared his enthusiasm for the idea with Thompson.

It didn’t take either organization long to understand that it would be a win-win for both the IAAM and LifeBridge Health.

“It just makes sense for a lot of reasons,” said Stein. “It’s all about keeping young people healthy and about educating them and their parents.”

According to Lori Vento, LifeBridge Health Sports Medicine Institute practice manager, specialists and co-directors of the LifeBridge Health Sports Medicine Institute, Drs. Craig Bennett and Kevin Crutchfield, are experts in all-important areas of orthopedics (Bennett) and neurology (Crutchfield) when dealing with sports injuries.

“It’s mutually beneficial for LifeBridge and the IAAM,” she said. “We have a combination of great orthopedics and neurology, which are both important aspects of the services we provide.”

With all the emphasis head-related injuries these days, having Crutchfield on board as the director of the comprehensive sports concussion program at LifeBridge is a key part of the practice.

As a former athlete, Crutchfield knows firsthand what it is like to suffer a concussion and brings a unique perspective and personal understanding to his diagnostic process with patients, according to the LifeBridge Health website.

Bennett, a founding physician of the LifeBridge Health Sports Medicine Institute, boasts extensive experience in diagnosing and treating athletes at all levels. His expertise includes transferring cartilage from healthy joints to affected areas and repairing torn anterior cruciate ligaments.

All IAAM athletes will be welcome to attend the Parisi Combine, with various vendors on site and the ability to get a free sports physical (good for a year) at the LifeBridge Health Sports Training Fair, 5-8 p.m. on Tue., July 10, 2018 at LifeBridge Health & Fitness, 1836 Greene Tree Road, Pikesville, MD 21208.

There will also be a sports eye screening and a panel discussion — “Start Your Streak” — featuring baseball’s Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr., with Bennett and Crutchfield.

For more information, check out http://www.lifebridgehealth.org/LBHSportsMedicineInstitute/LifeBridgeHealthSportsTrainingFair.aspx