McDonogh claims 14th A Conference swimming crown, St. Paul’s wins B

McDonogh claims 14th A Conference swimming crown, St. Paul’s wins B

By Nelson Coffin

It was a super Sunday indeed for the McDonogh swim team, which claimed its fourth straight A Conference championship and 14th overall title by topping Notre Dame Prep, 459.50-414.50 at Loyola University Maryland.

The same could be said for St. Paul’s School for Girls and Severn as they battled down to the final event to decide the B Conference winner before the Gators pulled away at the end, 418-410, to take their second crown and first since 2010.
Junior Meghan Lee and sophomore Dani Ghine won two individual events each and senior Marietta Gately captured one in McDonogh’s wire-to-wire win.

The Eagles started their championship quest early and never faltered, fending off various probes by the Blazers along the way.

Dani Ghine, Mia Dopson, Marietta Gately and Kira MacMullan started things off for McDonogh with a convincing 1:44.52-149.91 in the 200-yard medley relay over NDP’s Liz Ramoy, Greta Peacock, Ellen Brooks and Annabelle Lombardo.

Peacock (1:53.99) then edged Roland Park Country School’s Lauren Waire (1:55.38) in the 200 freestyle with McDonogh’s Danielle McNerney (1:55.86) and Anwen Byrne (1:57.04) following and Archbishop Spalding’s Lucy Hardart after the Eagle duo.

Meghan Lee (2:03.46) touched home first in the 200 individual medley, bettering Gately (2:08.25), NDP’s Amber Smith (2:09.70) and Ramoy (2:10.25) with Bryn Mawr’s Isabel Verheyen (2:14.13) fifth.

Ghine took over the next two events, powering to wins in the 50 free (23.58) and 100 butterfly (54.98).

St. Mary’s Claire Bowser was a runner-up in the sprint free (24.21) and NDP’s Alex Volk (24.49) was third. MacMullan followed Ghine in the fly (57.18), just ahead of NDP’s Ellen Brooks.

“It was tight through the first half (of the meet),” McDonogh coach Scott Ward said. “They pulled to within four at one point and then it we moved it to 19 (points). We had a bit of a comfortable lead after the 500, but I told the girls to make sure they swam hard to the end.”

Bowser (52.49) finished in front of McNerney (53.08) and McDonough’s Mia Dopson (53.10) in the 100 free before Hardart took the 500 free (5:04.86) with MacMullan (5:06.72) and Peacock (5:10.99) following the leader.

Ramoy, Smith, Volk and Lombardo then paced the Blazers to a narrow 1:36.68-1:36.73 triumph in the 200 free relay over the Eagles’ foursome of Lee, Gateley, Hannah Zhang and McNerney.

Lee claimed her second individual banner in the 100 backstroke (54.91) by a healthy margin over NDP’s Smith (58.14) and teammate Dopson (58.23).

Gately, who said her 1:06.09 in the 100 breaststroke was a little slower than last year’s time, still earned her second consecutive title in the event while prevailing over Roland Park’s Scarlett Bonner (1:06.59) and Ramoy (1:06.93).

Ghine, McNerney, MacMullan and Lee secured the verdict in the 400 free relay, 3:29.05-3:34.53 over NDP’s Volk, Peacock, Smith and Helminiak.

“It was absolutely incredible,” said Gately, who has committed to swim for Delaware next season. “We expect nothing less than what we did today.”

Gately said that the Lee-Ghine combination is a powerful one-two punch for the Eagles.

“I’ve never seen anything like those two before,” she said. “I can’t remember ever seeing them lose a race, and they really went after it today.”


The big news for St. Paul’s School for Girls was — other than earning the program’s second overall title and first since 2010 — Elizabeth Fry.

The Notre Dame commit’s record-setting performance helped the Gators to a 418-410 win over Severn.

She also broke a longstanding meet record in the 100 breaststroke (1:02.43), which was previously held by Jordan Surhoff, the daughter of SPSG coach Polly Surhoff.

“I wanted her to break it,” Polly Surhoff said. “She’s the only year-round swimmer on the team, yet she’s such a team player.”

Abby Mudd, Anabel Hennessy, Fry, and Graciela Breschi turned in a 1:58.06 in the 200 medley relay to get the Gators off to a fast start.

Besides Fry’s win in the 100 breaststroke, they also took individual titles in the 200 IM (Fry, 2:03.53) and 100 back (Abby Mudd, 1:08.45).

“We never won so many medals,” Surhoff said. “We were on the podium a lot.”

Key’s Jessie Cline was the only other double individual winner, taking the 200 free in 1:59.57 and the 100 fly in 1:01.55.


200-yard medley relay:
1.) McD (Dani Ghine, Mia Dopson, Marietta Gately, Kira MacMullan)-1:44.52
2.) NDP (Liz Ramoy, Greta Peacock, Ellen Brooks, Annabelle Lombardo)-1:49.91
3.) AS (Regan Body, Shannon Brown, Natalie Neuman, Lucy Hardart)-1:59.39
4.) BMS (Gabriella Alaish, Isabel Verheyen, Elizabeth Polydefkis, Nina Kolodgie-1:54.81
5.) MdS (Kendall Hooper, Jenna Gwinn, Lily Holseyl, Sarah Alexander)-1:55.03

200-yard freestyle:
1.) Peacock (NDP, 1:53.99)
2.) Lauren Waire (RPCS, 1:55.38)
3.) Danielle McNerney (McD, 1:55.86)
4.) Anwen Byrne (McD, 1:57.04)
5.) Hardart (AS, 1:57.77)

200-yard IM:
1.) Meghan Lee (McD, 2:03.46)
2.) Gately (McD, 2:08.25)
3.) Amber Smith (NDP, 2:09.70)
4.) Ramoy (NDP, 2:10.25)
5.) Verheyen (BMS, 2:14.13)

50-yard freestyle:
1.) Ghine (McD, 23.58)
2.) Claire Bowser (SM, 24.21)
3.) Alex Volk (NDP, 24.49)
4.) Kate Helminiak (NDP, 24.58)
4.) Scarlett Bonner (RPCS, 24.58)

100-yard butterfly:
1.) Ghine (McD, 54.98)
2.) MacMullan (McD, 57.18)
3.) Brooks (NDP, 57.85)
4.) Hooper (MdS, 59.89)
5.) Alaish (BMS, 1:01.00)

100-yard freestyle:
1.) Bowser (SM, 52.49)
2.) McNerney (McD, 53.08)
3.) Mia Dopson (McD, 53.10)
3.) Waire (RPCS, 53.10)
5.) Volk (NDP, 53.71)

500-yard freestyle:
1.) Hardart (AS, 5:04.86)
2.) MacMullan (NDP, 5:06.72)
3.) Peacock (NDP, 5:10.99)
4.) Nicole Behrens (RPCS, 5:11.83)
5.) Jamie Legambi (McD, 5:18.11)

200-yard freestyle relay:
1.) NDP (Ramoy, Smith, Volk, Lombardo)-1:36.68
2.) McD (Lee, Gateley, Hannah Zhang, McNerney)-1:36.73
3.) RPCS (Bonner, Claire Thomas, Emily Briggs, Waire)-1:42.03
4.) BMS (Alaish, Verheyen, Polydefkis, Kolodgie)-1:42.30
5.) AS (Neuman, Hardart, Body, Shannon Brown)-1:42.85

100-yard backstroke:
1.) Lee (McD, 54.91)
2.) Smith (NDP, 58.14)
3.) Dopson (McD, 58.23)
4.) Ellie Scherer (IND, 59.84)
5.) Byrne (McD, 1:00.25)

100-yard breaststroke:
1.) Gately (McD, 1:06.09)
2.) Bonner (RPCS, 1:06.59)
3.) Ramoy (NDP, 1:06.93)
4.) Lombardo (McD, 1:07.92)
5.) Gwinn (MdS, 1:08.62)

400-yard freestyle relay:
1.) McD (Ghine, McNerney, MacMullan, Lee)-3:29.05
2.) NDP (Volk, Greta Peacock, Smith, Helminiak)-3:34.53
3.) RPCS (Bonner, Behrens, Lily Rapuano, Waise)-3:48.95
4.) MdS (Anna Kidd, Ariana Isayiw, Kylie Swann, Hooper)-4:21.13
5.) IND (Madison Harris, Micelle Harris, Mckenzie Rowe, Scherer)-3:56.59


200-yard medley relay:
1.) SPSG (Abby Mudd, Anabel Hennessy, Elizabeth Fry, Graciela Breschi)-1:58.06
2.) KEY (Anna Medick, Fiona Schere, Jessie Cline, Katie Anderson)-2:02.49
3.) SS (Sara Gorshman, Evie Krall, Lana Cate, Jewel Barneri)-2:02.68

200-yard freestyle:
1.) Cline (KEY, 1:59.57)
2.) Cate (SPSG, 2:08.43)
3.) Abby Pue (MVP, 2:23.43)

200-yard IM:
1.) Fry (SP, 2:03.53)
2.) Zoe Benitez (KEY, 2:15.86)
3.) Peyton O’Brien (MVP, 2:26.37)

50-yard freestyle:
1.) Kenley Hewitt (MVP, 26.07)
2.) Breschi (SPSG, 27.59)
3.) Annabel Hennessy (SPSG, 28.03)

100-yard butterfly:
1.) Cline (KEY, 1:01.55)
2.) Sarah Nelson (JC, 1:05.98)
3.) Allison Diamond (SPSG, 1:09.96)

100-yard freestyle:
1.) Schere (KEY, 50.96)
2.) Annika Jensen (SS, 1:00.83)
3.) Tristan Bullock (SS, 1:03.95)

500-yard freestyle:
1.) Krall (SS, 5:13.01)
2.) Benitez (KEY, 5:24.49)
3.) Cate (SS, 5:40.43)

200-yard freestyle relay:
1.) MVP (O’Brien, Chelsea Elloitt, Sophie Savick, Hewitt-1:50.11
2.) SPSG (Sydney Chmar, Hennessy, Breschi, Diamond-1:50.25
3.) SS (Juliet Luers, Trina Reinhart, Bullock, Barner)-1:59.50

100-yard backstroke:
1.) Mudd (SPSG, 1:08.45)
2.) Jensen (SS, 1:11.47)
3.) Abby Pue (MVP, 1:12.98)

100-yard breaststroke:
1.) Fry (SPSG, 1:02.43)
2.) Schere (KEY, 1:06.03)
3.) Krall (SS, 1:09.60)

400-yard freestyle relay:
1.) KEY (Benitez, Cline, Anderson, Schere)-3:48.81
2.) SPSG (Breschi, Carrie Znamirowski, Diamond, Fry)-3:56.55
3.) SS (Gershman, Krall, Jensen, Cate)-4:01.40